Multiple Sclerosis Ireland Donations


Having recently been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and finally making my peace with it. I feel very strongly about starting to make a difference and helping this cause in anyway I can.


It all started in the beginning of lockdown. My sight went slightly in my right eye & I experienced a feeling of pressure on my brain. This was unbelievably scary and I will never forget the fear of the unknown I had to endure for 8 weeks after that day. As we were in our 1st lockdown I was unable to receive the physical comfort you long for from family & friends. However they were there for me the whole way in every other way they could. Thanks to my partner being so strong for me I got through it and started my journey on the road to recovery.


Now I have accepted my diagnosis and finally want to make a difference in  MS care & research and hopefully one day in finding a cure.


Your donations however big or small will help in the fight against this awful disease and help to raise awareness along the way.