Launching our 1st ever half lash!

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About Lashfleek

Lashfleek Magnetic are one of the 1st companies to introduce “Magnetic Eyeliners” to the Irish market.

No more struggling with your typical lashes & glues that you have to wait for a few minutes to become tacky only to ruin your beautiful eyeshadow if placed incorrectly. You'll also have to contend with the horrible bluish/white residue left on the lid. It really is Russian roulette even for the most experienced MUA,s! Our Magnetic liners have changed this!


 A lot of people will have experienced reactions to glues you see on the market these days and so cannot wear lashes they long for so much. This is a dream product for anyone who struggles with application & skin sensitivity. Best of all our  magnetic lashes are super easy/quick to apply. If you’re good with eyeliner then you’ll have your lashes on within 30 seconds or so. If your not great with liner that’s okay! It will still only takes about a minute or so and a bit of practice! This product is applied by simply drawing your magnetic liner on just like a normal liner and then placing the lash straight onto the liner.


How does it work? 


Our lashes have 5/6 mini magnets along the lash band which work together with the magnetic partials in the magnetic liner. These gravitate towards each other and stick together.


Are they safe to use?


Absolutely, all the ingredients in our Magnetic Liners have safe ingredients that you can typically find in mascaras/ eyeliners on the market. Our product is Hypoallergenic!

Innovative Magnetic Eyeliner