How to apply Lashfleek Magnetic Lashes using our Magnetic Eyeliner.

Tutorial by @ailishbeautyaddict

                  " HOW TO APPLY"

  • Prime the eyelids with a primer or setting powder to prevent your lid from becoming oily. This is an important step for the magnetic liner to hold to the surface. 

  • Apply the magnetic liner just as you would a typical liner, starting  on the inner corner and gliding the liner to the outer edge of the lid.

  • Make sure the liner is the same width as the magnets on the lashband to prevent lifting.  Repeat this movement to apply a 2nd coat. (TIP: Add a small bit extra on the inner/outer  corners for extra hold.)

  • Please allow the liner to dry up to 80% (30 seconds or so) before sticking the lash for optimum hold. 

  • While you wait for the liner to dry why not put on a light layer of mascara & trim the lash to the size that fits your eyelid.

  • When ready apply your magnetic lash close to the natural lash line,  directly on to the liquid magnetic liner .