Magic is just like the name suggests! This lash works with the magnets on the band & iron oxide in the eyeliner to attract both together just like magic.. Longer  fibres at the out corners while adding a Feline look. This is a wispy style lash and it works well as a day time look. Can be worn with glasses!

"MAGIC" 3D Faux Mink(Magnetic Liner Inc)

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  • Consists 5 magnets for maximum hold, trim to any length

    Reusable:Up to 25 times

    Length: Short/Medium (longer on outer corner)

    Easy application

    Cruelty free, Vegan Friendly

    Magnetic Eyeliner included. (Non-Toxic)

    Comes with special magnetic case for safe-keeping

    Material: Silk synthetic Fibres

    Lash applicator sold separately**